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     Last day for students and graduation
     now Friday June 20th
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 April 24th
 Boys Baseball vs. Cedar Creek
     Home Game - 4:00pm
     Girls Softball vs. ACIT
     Away Game - 4:00pm

 April 24th
 Varsity Golf vs. Cedar Creek
     Home Match - 3:30pm

 April 25th - High School Prom
 Wildwood Convention Center

These courses are offered by the Cape May County Technical School District FREE OF CHARGE to students 16 years of age and older, who do not have a diploma and are not currently enrolled in high school, and want to improve their reading, writing, science, history, English and math skills.

H.S.E. Adult High School Equivalency (replaces GED)

The Adult High School Equivalency (HSE) credential replaces the General Education Diploma (G.E.D.). The HSE preparation program is a FREE academic program designed for adults who did not receive a high school diploma and need some academic support to prepare in reading, writing, science, history and mathematics before taking the HSE test. The focus of the course is to prepare students to take and pass the HSE test. Standardized level locator tests are given as part of the program to measure academic achievement.

A.B.E. - Adult Basic Education

The Adult basic Education (A.B.E.) Program is a fundamental course for adults whose reading, English grammar and math skills are weak. Enrollment in the A.B.E. program will upgrade an adult's basic academic skills so as to assist the adult with: building self confidence, helping children with homework, making applications for job opportunities, maintaining and improving job skills and qualifying for and benefiting from skill training programs.

E.S.L. - English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language program has been designed for students that are limited in their English oral and written proficiency. This program will enable students to acquire the oral and written English language skills necessary to function effectively and independently in an English speaking environment.

E.S.L. / Civics

The E.S.L. / Civics program is designed for the high beginner to advanced level English as a Second Language learner. In addition to improving oral and written English proficiency, the E.S.L. / Civics student studies United States Civics to help him in the journey through the citizenship process through voting in elections through participating in work, family and community confident of his rights and responsibilities.