Additional Financial Aid Information: Info about the Fafsa:

Federal Aid comes in the form of grants, loans and work study. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in the student loan process. Visit for the form and filing instructions. After you complete the FAFSA, you will be sent a Student Aid Report (SAR) which summarizes all the information on the FAFSA and includes the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is calculated by a formula. Colleges use the EFC to determine student financial need by subtracting that amount from the estimated cost of attendance. Several websites including: offer calculators for estimating EFC.

Other Types of Financial Aid:

Grants, loans and work study are components of the financial aid package.

Federal grants, which do not have to be repaid, are offered primarily to undergraduate students based on financial need and enrollment status. Federal Pell Grants are awarded to students who demonstrate significant need. The amount awarded ranges from $400 to $4,000 and will depend on financial need, the costs to attend school, and enrollment status. Colleges may pay the students’ family directly by check. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOGS) are awarded to students with excessive financial need after Pell Grants have been distributed. The amounts awarded range from $100 to $4000 depending on financial need and amount of funding available from the college. FSEOGS do not have to be repaid.

Federal loans are another type of federal aid that assists parents and students with additional aid to pay for college. Students may be eligible for Stafford or Perkins Loans while parents may apply for the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS).

Student loans taken out in the student’s name and are their responsibilities are divided into two categories: Stafford and Perkins Loans. These loans are either considered to be Federal Family Education Loan Programs (FFELP), loans provided by private lenders, or Direct Programs, loans provided by the government. The Federal Government also offers loans provided to parents known as the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) to meet education costs not covered in the student’s financial aid package

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