An important part in paying for college are scholarships. Students should apply to as many scholarships as possible for free and may recieve thousands of dollars toward their college education. Some scholarships are on a national level however many are small locally based organizations. Requirements for scholarships vary as well as the amount that could be recieved, but even smaller amounts can add up and go a long way. Scholarships can be awarded according to merit, a written essay, or due to an affiliation with an organization such as the Masonic Scholarship.

Student Scholarship Information:
  • Scholarship Information
  • Free Scholarship/Financial Aid Search
  • Scholarship Searches
  • Free Scholarship Search

  • Local Scholarship Information:
  • Cape Scholarship Foundation
  • Hunter-Doherty Scholarships
  • Education Foundation Scholarship Fund Application
  • Hackett Cape May County Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Cape May County Residents
  • Hackett Cape May County Scholarship
  • Additional Local Scholarship Opportunities

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