We know that some students may not want to get a college education and that is perfectly fine. Some of our classes are designed for your child to jump right into the work force. Even if your child is not in one of the classes that are designed to give your child a job right out highschool, there are other alternitives like the U.S. Armed Forces and trade/post-secondary vocational school.

Sites to post jobs or find post secondary voactional schools online

Sites to enlist in U.S. Armed Forces and ASVAB help

OR contact your local recuruitment office for enlistment

Considering the military?

First ask yourself: Why do I want to join? If you can't answer this question, then you need to take the time to consider it carefully. There are thousands of good reasons to join the military, including: Answering the call to serve your country, Taking a stand against terrorism ,Educational and monetary benefits that can last a lifetime, Personal satisfaction and pride Family tradition, Honor Devotion to duty, Learning useful new skills, Full-time employment, Job security, and Personal improvement. provided by www.military.com

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